OMG iPhone X Replacement Screen is Pricey

OMG iPhone X Replacement Screen is Pricey

How pricey is the iPhone X’s screen replacement? Apple will be more than happy to replace your screen for a whopping $279 if the cause is accidental or if you don’t have their AppleCare+. The iPhone X already has a steep price of $999 or better yet $1149 if you copped the 256GB model. 

Guys, save yourself the burden of spending that much cash and please get yourself a Tempered Glass  Screen Protector. Ours start at just $20 which is a super small fraction of an iPhone X. While a Tempered Glass doesn’t guarantee your phone from getting shattered, it does effectively reduce the chance of that happening.

I also recommend getting a good case that offers drop protection. You can’t go wrong with a Glass and Case combo. I’ve dropped my iPhone X many times and haven’t had to replace my screen. 

Sure, you can get your screen repaired at a third party location, but then you’re stuck with a cheap non genuine Apple screen that will never look or feel the same as your original. So why risk your beautiful Super Retina HD display? Get your Tempered Glass Screen Protector today, we’ll safeguard your iPhone X’s 5.8” display. 

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