My Tempered Glass Screen Protector Broke

My Tempered Glass Screen Protector Broke

It happens, you have your glass screen protector on when suddenly you see a crack. You quickly assume it's your iPhone’s screen that shattered. With a second look you breathe a sigh of relief and realize its actually your tempered glass that broke. So what do you do when your tempered glass screen protector breaks?

Get Another One

Yup, it could be as simple as buying another Tempered Glass Screen Protector for your iPhone or checking to see if you have coverage. While I can’t vouch for other brands, our ICY Shield Glass screen protectors all come with a Hassle Free Limited Lifetime Warranty. That means if your screen protector broke, you can simply request a new one through us and get a brand new tempered glass mailed to you. You only have to cover the shipping and handling, which is better than buying another one again.

Why Did My Tempered Glass Break?

Remember, a tempered glass screen protector is meant to protect your iPhone’s gorgeous screen. It does so by acting as a barrier to absorb all incoming shocks and impact. When you accidentally drop your apple phone or bump the screen into a hard object, it could shatter or break. No matter how thick, slim, or shatterproof a manufacturer claims, there’s alway a point where a glass will break.

It’s better for that to happen then your expensive Retina Display getting damaged. Apple charges a lot of cash to replace the screen, so save your wallet by investing in a good quality tempered glass screen protector such as ours. We’ll even give you a special offer just for you because we believe in giving our customers an amazing warrant. Take 20% off using our special discount code ICY4LIFE. 
All you have to do is shop our amazing collection of Tempered Glass Screen Protectors and use the code ICY4LIFE at checkout.



Should I Keep The Broken Screen Protector On The Phone?

It really depends how badly the glass broke. If its just a hair crack or a small chip then it’s up to you if it will bother you. You could always wait until it actually gets severely damaged, or if you have our ICY Shield Glass Screen Protector then you may file a warranty claim to get another one.

I don’t recommend keeping it on if it could potentially hurt you. Our fingers our very delicate, a paper can even slice our fingers, ouch. Since we rely on our fingers for all of our scrolling and tapping, then you should remove the tempered glass and order another one as soon as possible. We care about your fingers, that's why our ICY Shield Glass screen protectors have an Oleophobic Coating for smooth and sensitive touch. Get yours today! #ICY4LIFE

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