iOS 11.4 To End Music Interruption

iOS 11.4 To End Music Interruption

Ever played some really good music through your speaker using your iPhone and all of a sudden your vibe gets interrupted with your ringtone from possibly your mom or a spammer calling? Well Apple finally has a solution with the newest update to iOS 11.4 which brings AirPlay 2. Now before you ask what’s AirPlay 2, as of right now only the Apple HomePod supports this feature with third party speakers being added on later. 

Not only will your music continue to play, but you can also play your favorite iOS game (mine is Fortnite) and still jam out with your AirPlay 2-enabled speaker. I really like that Apple is bringing this feature and makes you wanna get that $349 HomPod. Don’t forget that since you’re most likely going to play on your iPhone X, 8, or 8 Plus with music blasting on your HomePod, you should make sure you have protection for your iPhone.

Our Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone will keep your screen protected all day. 

While AirPlay 2 is a key feature added to 11.4, Apple also added the ability to store your messages in iCloud to free up even more space. Just make sure you remember that they could show up on all your iDevices. Improvements and bug squishing is always going to be included so let’s hope our iPhone’s don’t attract more bugs.

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