How To Put On Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8 Plus

How To Put On Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8 Plus

So you have your new shiny Apple iPhone 8 Plus in your hands and are blown away from its amazing and massive 5.5” Retina HD Display. You don’t want to risk damaging that gorgeous display, I know I don’t which is why I strongly recommend you get a Tempered Glass Screen Protector as soon as you can. But not just any screen protector, you should get our ICY Shield Glass Full Coverage for iPhone 8 Plus.


Why Full Coverage?

A Full Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector literally covers the whole front face of your iPhone 8 Plus including the display. It’s truly edge-to-edge which means it provides maximum protection. There’s two color options that we offer, white or black, and it’s even available for iPhone 8 and iPhone X. 

All of our tempered glass screen protectors come with a limited lifetime warranty which includes hassle-free claims. 

Another benefit of a full coverage screen protector is that you can change your iPhone’s color (except for the home button) by choosing the opposite color. The frame will cover your existing color if you want a different look to it. And if you have a small crack on your iPhone 8 Plus, you can save money by covering it up with our full coverage tempered glass.

How Do I Install a Full Coverage Screen Protector

Good news. We just uploaded a new tutorial YouTube video on our channel ICY Shield Glass. Check out the installation guide below:

Just for watching our YouTube video, we're giving you a special discount code to use at checkout: ICYTUBE30 which gets your 30% off your entire order! It's very easy to install a full coverage tempered glass screen protector. Trust me, your phone will thank you, and so will your wallet. 

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