6 Steps To Install ICY Shield Glass PRO Screen Protector

6 Steps To Install ICY Shield Glass PRO Screen Protector

We just filmed a new video on how to install our very own ICY Shield Glass PRO Full Coverage Screen Protector for iPhone X. Check it out above. Here are the 6 steps on how to install it:

Step 1 - Prep

Use the Alcohol Prep Pad included in the packaging to clean that gorgeous 5.8” display from oil, fingerprints, dust, lint, etc. 

Step 2 - Clean

Now take the Microfiber Cloth and give the Screen a nice thorough wipe which will take care of any excess liquid from the prep pad.

Step 3 - Check

Your screen should be clean, but using the dust removal sticker can ensure that there are no lint or dust still attached to the screen. 

Step 4 - Remove

Once we know our screen is perfectly spotless, we can now remove the white plastic holding the ICY Shield Glass Screen Protector to reveal the adhesive.

Step 5 - Align

With a little bit of patience and steadiness, go ahead and align the screen protector gently on top of your iPhone X. 

Step 6 - Finisher

Once aligned, go ahead and push the center of the screen. The screen protector will self adhere. Air out remaining bubbles with the microfiber cloth.

Bubble Tips

Sometimes bubbles can be a little persistent and just want to keep hanging on. Usually within 24 - 48 hours the remaining air bubbles will evaporate and leave for good but there are some things you can do to expedite:

  • Apply a stronger pressure with the microfiber cloth
  • Use a stronger item i.e card, flat head screw driver
  • Make sure you always use the microfiber cloth to air out
Hope you enjoyed our video tutorial and our ICY Shield Glass PRO for the Apple iPhone X :) .

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