OtterBox Commuter Series for iPhone Xs Max review

OtterBox Commuter Series for iPhone Xs Max review

What's going on guys, check out our YouTube video review of the OtterBox Commuter Series case for the iPhone Xs Max in the black color.

First Impressions

When you put on the commuter series and hold your iPhone Xs Max, you immediately feel the bulk. It is a slight bulk, but very noticeable. The good news is that with that added bulk comes added protection.

The Commuter Series is OtterBox's "On The Move" rugged slim case. Compared to their Defender Series it is definitely slimmer. The inner synthetic rubber is very cushiony and the hard polycarbonate shell adds reinforcement for maximum protection.

I love the apple logo cutout on the back of the commuter which adds great style that shows off the color of your Xs Max.

Is it worth the $49.95 price tag ?

Yes; there are a ton of cheap cases you can get on Amazon or Five Below that is similar in style and materials. One of my YouTube comments summarized OtterBox cases with:

Why these expensive Otterbox Cases ??? This is just a little piece of plastic. You can get the same für much less. I you want a "Brand Name" instead of a China Case, just buy Spigen Cases for 5,99.

While I did give a nice response, another user commented as a reply to the above with 

otterbox stay good for years ,in my oppinion the spigen ones ,who are very nice ,are less durable .so i always go for otterbox

OtterBox is a trusted and reliable brand, and for an iPhone that starts at a high $1099 US Dollars, $49.95 is worth it. 

Is it compatible with Tempered Glass ?

We had our very own Icy Shield Glass pre installed on our iPhone Xs Max and can verify that it is indeed compatible! The OtterBox Commuter Series provides great coverage against accidental drops, but to truly maximize protection we highly recommend getting a tempered glass screen protector such as our icy shield glass.


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