Gold iPhone XS Unboxing and First Look - 5.8 Super Retina HD

Gold iPhone XS Unboxing and First Look - 5.8 Super Retina HD

Just uploaded a brand new unboxing video of the new iPhone XS that just dropped September 21st. You can check the video below or visit our Icy Shield Tech YouTube channel.

iPhone XS First Impressions

Opening the box and unveiling the new gold color gave me an instant satisfaction. The stainless steel gold on the sides of the iPhone XS scream sexy and luxurious, while the back has a nice creamy gold finish that combos very well with the black 5.8" Super Retina HD Display.

Since the iPhone XS shares the same size as the iPhone X, our ICY Shield Glass screen protectors are fully compatible. 

Is The iPhone XS Worth The Upgrade?

If you're on an iPhone 7 or lower, than the difference in performance and specs will be very drastic. You get a comfortable sized phone while at the same time giving you extra screen real estate since the screen is now closer to the edge of the phone. While some may prefer the physical home button, I think Apple pretty much killed it for future models, so why not just jump the ship and embrace the new Face ID and gestures.

While the speed bump isn't as noticeable if you're coming from an iPhone 8, the A12 will be smoother and you'll appreciate the Super Retina HD Display which uses OLED. If the OLED display and Dual Camera isn't something you want, then you could wait for the iPhone Xr to drop around the end of October. 

iPhone X vs iPhone XS

I have the iPhone X and to be honest, it's hard to justify spending extra money on getting the XS. Unless if you want the latest specs, the shiny new gold, or have a plan that lets you upgrade every year, then waiting for next years model might be worth it. 

What do you guys think about the iPhone XS? Let me know in the comment section below. 

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